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Packaging Automation for a Leading Supplier of Agricultural Chemicals

The Client & Objective

By out-hustling and out-engineering our competition, MMCI completely automated the end-of-line packaging process for one of the leading global suppliers of crop science and agricultural chemicals.

Our turn-key solution for their largest formulation and packaging facility in North America not only showcased our ingenuity and engineering expertise, but our ability to work as a sole-supplier for every phase of the development, integration, and installation process significantly lowered the complexity and overall costs of the project.

The Solution

We started by analyzing the client’s existing production lines, packaging processes, line speeds, and package sizes to ensure we developed a comprehensive solution. Ultimately, we concluded that by combining two manually-operated palletizing lines into one fully automated line, our system could pick and place two different sized cases onto two different sized pallets simultaneously to palletize more quickly while freeing up floor space and labor for other activity.   

The solution featured three incoming conveyors to automate the upstream process.

  • Standard accumulation conveyors feed sealed cases directly from the bottling lines into the palletizing cell.
  • Motorized Drive Roller conveyors rotate the cases and optimize their orientation for picking.
  • Pick Conveyors with integrated stoppers stage two cases at a time to the end of the infeed line.
AG/Chem End-of-Line Packaging Automation - MMCI Robotics

The client’s exact cases and products were used, which allowed them to perform their own Factory Acceptance Test, and see exactly how the system looks and performs prior to shipment and installation.

The Results

Because of the overwhelming success of this initial proposal, and MMCI’s passionate commitment to providing turnkey solutions from start to finish, the client then decided to invest in their partnership on a much larger scale, completely overhauling four different production lines and relocating them to another building.

As a single provider, MMCI would perform all the design and cell engineering, as well as integration, installation, controls, and training.

This demonstrated value no other integrator could match, and MMCI even out-performed an existing provider that had worked with the client for over ten years.

Ag/Chem End-of-Line Packaging Automation - MMCI Robotics


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