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Making Robotic Palletization Easy

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Making Robotic Palletization Easy

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MMCI Robotics

MMCI Robotics provides turnkey robotic systems – from design and installation to ongoing support and maintenance – that increase product throughput, maximize plant efficiency and improve quality with a focus on safety and ergonomics.

We Can Automate Your Entire Process


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Case Packing

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Pallet Dispensing

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We Engineer Complete Solutions

We specialize in developing complete and intelligent solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing software and controls including upstream and downstream equipment.

  • Custom Designed End Effectors
  • Controls & Programming
  • Fencing & Safety
  • Slip Sheet & Pallet Dispensers
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Upstream Equipment

The robotic cell is integrated with two upstream processes. Belt conveyors are used to transport the containers to the cell while roller conveyors bring boxes that pass through a box erector and bag inserter prior to entering the cell.

Robotic Picker

MMCI Robotics designs custom end-of-arm tooling for the robot that gently picks up the containers for placement in the boxes.

Air Operated Tilt Table

An air operated lift table tilts the box while a clamping mechanism holds the bag so the containers be placed into the box by the robot.

Robotic Case Packer

The robotic case packer gently places the containers into the boxes. The custom end-of-arm tooling features grippers and suction cups to accommodate a variety of containers sizes.

Downstream Equipment

Upon leaving the cell, MMCI integrates labelling equipment, a box uncuffer and a box sealer that prep the filled boxes for palletizing.

Robotic Palletizer

The multi-functional robot picks the labelled and sealed boxes and gently places them in a pre-configured pattern on the pallet.

Custom End-of-Arm Tooling

The custom designed end-of-arm tooling is designed to perform case packing, pallet dispensing and case palletizing functions quickly and accurately.

Robotic Arm

The cell features a best-in-class robotic arm from Fanuc Robotics and is outfitted with intuitive HMI touchscreens that are easy-to-use yet provide maximum flexibility.

Pallet Dispensing

The end-of-arm tooling is equipped with grippers to pick pallets from this hopper - eliminating the need for an automatic pallet dispenser that required regular maintenance and took up a lot of space.

Safety Equipment

The cell is designed with a minimal footprint with safety fencing positioned strategically around it. Light curtains are installed to maximize safety in the pallet unloading area.

End of Arm Tooling Auto Dispensing Systems Controls

We Design Better Cells

Using 3D modeling, simulations and prototypes, we design your robotic cell with application-specific end-of-arm tooling, automated dispensing systems and integrated controls.

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We Construct Innovative Solutions

Frozen Food Palletizing

Like many meat and frozen food processors, MMCI’s client, one of the largest raw food producers in North America, wanted to eliminate the amount of human exposure to the freezing temperatures of the palletizing area while increasing productivity. The solution needed to fit within a very limited space in the facility and be delivered and installed with minimal disruption to the operation.

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AG/Chem End-of-line Packaging

By out-hustling and out-engineering our competition, MMCI completely automated the end-of-line packaging process for one of the leading global suppliers of crop science and agricultural chemicals.

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Automated Packing and Palletizing

See how MMCI Robotics helped a major paperboard container manufacturer improve the efficiency of their packing process with an integrated system featuring a customized robot that picked-and-placed containers into cases, dispensed pallets and palletized the full case for shipment to its customer.

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Complex Cubing and Palletizing Solutions

Working with a major supply chain management company in a fulfillment center that packaged a wide variety of items, MMCI Robotics was challenged with designing end-of-the-arm tooling that could satisfy a range of processes and be able to palletize products with highly variable sizes and weights without requiring a tool change.

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We Test

We model your solution, using your products and space requirements, in our Robotics and Automation Technology Center to advance assembly and streamline integration.

We Deploy Nationwide

MMCI is proud to have developed and implemented automated systems for many of the world’s top producers.

We Provide Support For Growth

We don’t stop communication once your system is installed. From training and diagnostics support to tomorrow’s robotic advancements, MMCI Automation can provide your operations with everything you need to efficiently handle growth and Omni-channel demands for years to come.